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My Story- Tinnitus Treatment

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Hi this is Jane Hislop and I have something very important to share with you all.

Four years back after coming back from my best friend’s birthday bash, I never realized that the next morning will change my life forever. That night, the party was on its full swing, the music was loud and the drinks were pouring and we all were having a great time all together. I came back late and slept when I reached home. When I got up the next day, I was sensing some constant buzzing in my ear. I tried to avoid it, but even after bathing and doing other chores, I was listening to something similar. I became anxious and fixed an appointment with an otolaryngologist the very same day.

After enquiring about my health history and medications that I took, he asked me to go undergo the following tests- Audiogram, X-ray, evoked response audiometry, tinnitus pitch test, maskability of tinnitus and residual inhibition. It was only after thorough evaluation of all the reports that, he told me that the constant buzzing and chirping that I am sensing in my ears is because I am suffering from Tinnitus. I got totally amazed and baffled because I had never even heard of this symptom before.

My life transformed completely after that day as I started being more baffled and confused about what am hearing and what not. This perplexed my friends and family members as well, because they couldn’t judge exactly what I was suffering from. That constant buzzing kept me irritated and I started being annoyed almost all the time. But I was determined to get rid of this symptom as soon as possible. I tried all sorts of therapies, had antidepressants, did stress busting techniques and in short I did everything that I was supposed to. But trust me, nothing worked for me. I even changed several doctors and one of them even suggested to stop hoping for its cure, as it is not possible.

I was like, how come is it possible? I was disheartened and shattered, and even thought that I’ll go mad if I’ll continue bearing this buzzing in my ears. Then I decided that it’s my problem and I’ll definitely get rid of it. I was very sure that I wanted my inner balance back and would never accept myself as almost deaf.  That day (around 3 years later) I started surfing about Tinnitus on the web and read almost everything about it. It was then that I found this product named- Tinnitus Miracle™ and after researching extensively about it, I decided to purchase it.

After having being disappointed all the time, I never expected this product to work wonders. But it did and it actually cured my problem. Tinnitus Miracle™ cured my problem almost completely in just 5 steps and helped me regain my lost balanced self within a short time span of 2 months. But I continued using the tips and techniques and now it’s almost a year, and I feel great. The constant buzzing is almost over and I feel relieved.

Tinnitus Miracle™ changed my life for better and helped me in getting rid of tinnitus, which if had left untreated could have proven very dangerous. I am glad I searched the web that day and found it. If you are suffering from tinnitus as well, then grab your copy of Tinnitus Miracle™ today and follow its holistic system. Like me, you’ll feel relieved too.


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Dealing With The Ringing: Available Tinnitus Treatment

 Available Tinnitus Treatment

Before you get started on considering tinnitus treatment, it is important that you get a good grasp of what the condition really is. After all, as with anything, finding a solution becomes easier when you understand fully the root of the problem. However, tinnitus in itself is not a disease, but rather a sign of a more serious underlying condition. Getting tinnitus treatment then is just partly about making the ringing in your ears go away. The other parts involved in getting treated has to do with addressing the underlying condition of which tinnitus is a symptom, helping ensure that you are at the best of health.

Treating tinnitus

Tinnitus doesn’t actually have a cure so tinnitus treatment are more of geared towards alleviating the condition. It depends on the severity of the case as well as the attending doctor, but tinnitus treatment may be combined in order to achieve desired results. Some of the tinnitus treatment though that are available in the market today include:

  • Hearing aids – unlike other tinnitus treatment, hearing aids don’t necessarily make the ringing and other noises in your head go away. Rather, since tinnitus can lead to some hearing loss, the use of hearing aids can help make your hearing clearer when you have tinnitus.
  • Sound generators – it’s not easy to pinpoint the cause of tinnitus. Sound generators are one of many tinnitus treatment you can take advantage of although they are rather unusual, working to mask the sounds and noises tinnitus makes rather than completely making them go away. As tinnitus treatment, sound generators create softer, more pleasant sounds so they make living with tinnitus more bearable.
  • Cochlear implants – as tinnitus can advance into stages where severe hearing loss is unavoidable, cochlear implants may be suggested as one of many tinnitus treatment available in order to remedy loss of hearing. A cochlear implant works by bypassing the damaged parts of your inner ear, sending electrical signals that stimulate directly the auditory nerves.
  • Acoustic neural stimulation – of all the tinnitus treatment available, acoustic neural stimulation is a new technique that is ideal for those with tinnitus that won’t go away or is very loud. Using headphones and a palm-sized device, the patient is made to listen to music with embedded broadband acoustic signals as tinnitus treatment.
  • Anti-anxiety and anti-depressant drugs – constant ringing in your ears can and will make you lose sleep so taking anti-anxiety and anti-depressant drugs as tinnitus treatment can aid in helping you relax enough to make you sleep better.

More Tinnitus Treatment Facts

The Tinnitus Story Of William Shatner

Twelve Million Americans have tinnitus and William Shatner is one of them. In the video below he tells about his tinnitus problems, and how the American Tinnitus Association helping to find a relief for tinnitus.

Tinnitus Causes

Tinnitus is a buzzing, ringing, whistling, or whining sound that constantly plagues the ear, even if there are no external stimuli making the sounds. Doctors don’t look usually look for tinnitus causes because the disorder is more of a symptom than a cause. Every time a patient complains of tinnitus and looks for tinnitus causes, the doctors normally look at other symptoms that the patient is experiencing. They believe that tinnitus causes are more like underlying medical conditions that need to be addressed right away. That’s why anyone who is suffering from tinnitus should consult the doctor immediately to point out which of the tinnitus causes is causing the uncomfortable condition. By addressing the specific condition that brought it about, the doctor can help the patient manage the undesirable sound that constantly rings in the ear.

Loud noise and hearing loss are one of the most common tinnitus causes. With the popularity of mp3 players played in full blast, loud noise is one of the leading tinnitus causes today. Once in a while, you will hear a little bit of head or internal noise. Your body will make noises but you are usually not aware of them because they are usually blocked by external noises. However, too much ear wax or a foreign object in the ear will block the ear off from external noise. This makes you more aware of the noise inside your body. That’s the essence of tinnitus. Infection, excessive fluid, damaged hearing nerves these are all tinnitus causes. Exposure to too many loud sounds and constant use of mp3 players in full blast are definitely one of the most direct tinnitus causes. Tinnitus is also brought about by age-related hearing problems.

Acoustic neuroma and growing tumors are also leading tinnitus causes. Actually, acoustic neuroma is enough to start a group of tinnitus causes. Acoustic neuroma usually leads to intracranial tumor and brain tumor. Benign glomous tumors usually cause pulsatile tinnitus. Persistent episodes of tinnitus should immediately be checked by a doctor through some CT scan or imaging machine to check if there’s any growth near the ear area. This is important since some tinnitus causes can sometimes be cancerous and fatal.

Antibiotics also remain to be common tinnitus causes especially the ototoxic ones. Ototoxic antibiotics may have an adverse effect on the cochlea. Aside from tinnitus, it can also cause dizziness and vertigo.

Of course, aside from familiarizing yourself with the various causes of tinnitus, the best way to pinpoint the root of tinnitus is to have it checked by a doctor. That way, a remedy can be given and administered at once to avoid further complications.

Tinnitus Remedies: Different Ways to Treat the Ringing of Your Ears


Tinnitus is a medical condition that a lot of people all over the world experience. While commonly characterized by the ringing of the ears, the syndrome can take different forms for other people, with some individuals hearing buzzing, ticking, whining, buzzing, hissing, murmuring, hissing, beeping, roaring, or clicking sounds when the problem manifests. The condition is not actually a disease in itself, instead serving as a symptom of other medical conditions, such as ear infections, wax buildup, nasal allergies, and even heart ailments. While not life-threatening and harmful, the condition can be annoying and bothersome for a lot of people, with some even experiencing physical pain as a result. As such, this has led them to look for effective tinnitus remedies to treat their condition.

While there have been some medications that are prescribed as tinnitus remedies, home remedies are the more popular option, not only because these are cheaper, but also because these are safer, especially if used in the long run. Interestingly enough, the popular and effective tinnitus remedies are not actually pills that you need to take, but are instead lifestyle changes that you will need to do in order to offset the condition. Some of the practical tinnitus remedies include:

  • Staying away from loud noises. Loud noises can actually aggravate the ringing of your ears. Stay away from public places to get relief from tinnitus. If need be, you can purchase ear plugs in order to avoid hearing these noises.
  • Eat a balanced diet. Better food choices can be effective tinnitus remedies. Reduce the amount of caffeine in your food and drinks. Eat less spicy food, replacing these with green vegetables and fresh fruits. Chewing on dry food can also improve your blood circulation, which can serve as one of the effective tinnitus remedies.
  • Exercise. Exercise can improve your blood circulation and help you regulate your blood pressure, which can then work as one of the tinnitus remedies you can do. Alternatively, yoga can be one of your tinnitus remedies if you’re not a fan of the traditional workouts. The movements in yoga can increase your GABA level, one of the things people will need to look for in tinnitus remedies.

These are the tinnitus remedies people have found to be effective in helping them treat the ringing of their ears. However, do bear in mind that due to individual differences, what can work as tinnitus remedies for some persons may not be effective for others. As such, you will also need to do your part in looking for tinnitus remedies that will work for you. If you notice that something is exacerbating the ringing of your ears, do eliminate this.

Tinnitus: The Sound of Silence


Have you ever experienced the sensation of having a louder hearing internally in the ear? It is usually accompanied by a sharp, high-pitched ringing sound, which can be intermittent or continuous. When this happens, you probably have tinnitus. Do not worry; it is not a very serious disease. In fact, it is not an ailment at all, but a symptom. There are many causes for tinnitus.

While tinnitus is not anything serious, it can be bothersome, which is why many people have tried to get rid of it in ways that are not approved by the doctors. If you have this symptom, the first thing you have to find out are the causes for tinnitus. Only then can you treat the symptom with care, because your ear is among the most sensitive organs in the body.

What are the Causes for Tinnitus?

One of the believed causes for tinnitus is the common cold. It is very common for people with colds to experience tinnitus, because the mucus in their nasal passages clog up and reach the ear. When this happens, they experience a more compact and magnified hearing inside their head, which is caused by the fluids in their ear, which magnify the vibrations, set by ones voice.

Clogged nasal passages are one of the causes for tinnitus. Nasal passages are connected to the ears and the eyes, which is why  people with colds often experience poor hearing and watery eyes. If you have tinnitus at the same time when you are having colds, your primary suspect for the causes for tinnitus is your mucus.

Sometimes, absolute silence can make people hear ringing sounds in their ears. Tinnitus is actually a subjective sound that occurs individually, that is why there is no way of measuring the depth of the sound.

Silence is not one of the causes of tinnitus, however, there seem to be a correlation between hearing ringing sounds in absolute silence, prompting scientists to believe that tinnitus is actually a default system in everyone’s ears. It is also observed in a study that the more people think about tinnitus, the more they are able to hear them, leading to the hypothesis that it could also be a psychological matter.

Causes for tinnitus have prompted medical experts to revisit the inner workings of the human ear. One of the possible causes for tinnitus lies in the vibrating membranes in the ear itself: the stapes. These are the fiber-like tissues that continuously vibrates and transmits sound to the brain. Even in complete silence, the stapes continue to vibrate very rapidly, and is thought to produce the ringing sensation inside the ear.

Treatment for Tinnitus

There are no clear causes for tinnitus, however, observations found out that people experience less tinnitus whenever they are listening to something active, like music or television. Scientists believe that tinnitus is a subjective phenomenon, which is normal for everybody to experience occasionally. An odd treatment therefore, is listening to music!

Tinnitus Treatment With The Face Shift Machine

Tinnitus Treatment with the new machine called Face Shift in UK.

Can Tinnitus be treated, see the video below

Tinnitus Treatment


Let me begin with the harsh reality about tinnitus treatment that you probably already know, or you will find out eventually – There is no ‘easy-cure’ available for tinnitus. Having said that let me also add to it that it is absolutely possible to overcome the challenges of tinnitus and in a lot of cases, to even completely cure it. I can say that with confidence because I have almost eliminated the condition. After trying a lot of therapies and medicines, I finally followed a holistic approach to fight tinnitus, and it has worked wonders for me.

There can be a lot of confusion when you go searching for the right tinnitus treatment for yourself. I like to simplify it like this – All the various approaches that you can take for your tinnitus treatment can be classified under three headings:

  • Quick Reliefs
    These are the quick and temporary reliefs from the ringing sounds by artificially suppressing them.
  • Single-Prong approach
    This is when you know the cause of your tinnitus. In this case you can cure it by trying to eliminate the cause. Read below for cases and treatments based on this approach.
  • Multi-Prong approach / Holistic approach
    This is the best and most effective way to tackle your tinnitus. This is discussed in detail below.


Three tinnitus treatment You Can Try

1. Tinnitus or ringing ears is mainly a nervous condition so one of the best thing to do is not to do things that can stimulate your nervous system. A number of things that can stimulate your central nervous system are consuming caffeinated coffee, having cola or carbonated drinks, alcoholic drinks and tea. I know that a few of us cannot survive with out caffeine in the morning however to remedy ringing ears it’s a must to drink decaffeinated coffee ranging from now on.

2. The following tinnitus remedy is getting sufficient sleep. Sleeping is an efficient strategy to relax the nerve and in addition a great way to relieve stress. By lowering stress level your nerve will get relaxed and your ringing ears could be reduced. In case you have trouble sleeping, you must go to your physician and request for prescribed sleeping medication that will help you to get about eight hours of sleep everyday. Be sure you ask sleeping aids that do not trigger addiction.

How To Cure Tinnitus With A Scenar

Learn How you can cure your tinnitus with a Scenar device.

Don’t believe you can treat your tinnitus with a Scenar, see the video below: